my two cents…

People who don’t understand your boundaries don’t deserve your attention. You see, if you let someone take over your schedule one time and not say anything about it, then that person will get used to it and expect you to let them take over your schedule over and over again. Only, they won’t think that they are taking over your schedule. To them they get to be themselves around you and it’s all normal and good. So as soon as you feel someone overstepping your boundaries you feel a tendency to cut them out. But the problem is, if you do this every time someone consistently oversteps your boundaries, there may be no one left. What do you do then? You have two options. Either talk to the person about it or compromise. If you don’t do either, a huge fight is on the horizon.

2 thoughts on “my two cents…

  1. This is so true. People never understand this. Just because someone talked to today doesn’t mean it can keep going every time. And the weirdest part is, they will text/call at the same time next day saying, you were free at this time yesterday what important came up today? And this annoys me a lot.

    • Hi Mermaid! Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you can relate. That can certainly be annoying too. I usually treat texts as answerable when I have a minute. If it is truly urgent I figure they’ll call instead of text.

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