rear thoughts

A long time ago, can’t remember exactly when, a writer told me, butt + chair = writing. Well, tonight I really wish I could say that, but my butt must be on fire the way it hurts and I can’t sit still. Despite the fact that I try to get up and go up and down the stairs to break up the work and not go crazy in my chair during the day, my butt hurts from working all day. I even went running after work and it still hurts. Writing this just intensifies the hurt because I am sitting in my chair typing this. Oh I know! I need one of those raisable desks that make it easy to alternate between standing up and writing and sitting down and writing all in one. Except how much does one of those cost? It must be expensive because it didn’t exist at one point. Anything that was invented costs a lot when it first goes on sale. I know it’s been around for a while now, but since I don’t have one I keep thinking it just went on sale. That’s just how YuMin’s brain works. Take it or leave it. And I guess if you made it this far, you’re taking it. Perhaps I could just get butt pads or something. That may work too. Like for when people learn how to figure skate for the first time. I wonder if that’ll actually work though. Knowing me, it’ll just backfire and make my butt hurt even more by the end of the day. And if you don’t think so, have you met me?



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