What makes a good friend? Is it being a listener on the phone whenever a friend calls you with a problem, even if it’s late at night like Carrie and Miranda? Is it walking into their bedroom whenever you notice your friend is down like Brooke and Peyton? Is it running lines with your friend who got cast in the school play as a form of punishment so he doesn’t make a fool of himself in front of the whole school like Eric and Landon? Is it offering your house as a hideout as you let her explain to you how she just ran her fingers through her crush’s hair in marching band and had to run away like Rory and Lane? Is it being able to call someone a “kindred spirit” even though they accidentally made you drunk on raspberry cordial like Diana and Anne? Is it offering to go to the nearest drugstore and smell shampoo products when your friend is feeling down about a boy like Tina and Holly? Is it starting a shrimping boat business after your friend passes away because you made a promise like Forrest and Bubba? Whatever the definition is, if you know you’ve got one and it’s not from a book or a movie or a TV show, you better hold onto them for as long as you can. All I know is a truly good friend is really hard to find in real life.

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