Tennis Is Who We Were

We used to play tennis. We were both bad at it, but I’d like to think you were better at it than me because I sucked at every sport and had no muscle. (Still don’t.) That and back then I always automatically thought you were better at any sport than me. We mostly just wanted to see each other so we could laugh and talk about boys, especially our crushes. Crushes was a taboo topic around our parents. Well, mostly it was your crushes because I was too proud to admit I even had a crush on anybody. You would always get it out of me though. You were good at playing detective. The ‘rents would keep chatting when we got back to my house so you and I would pretend to be asleep on the floor in my room so your dad would let you sleep over. He got irritated every time we did that, but he always caved. We were best friends and he liked that you were best friends with someone like me. The one reason your dad liked us being best friends ended up being the one reason why we are no longer friends, let alone best friends. Now I don’t know where you live, who you are, or which one of those boys you ended up with.

We used to play tennis. You were good at it and I was horrible at it by comparison. You were on the team at school and you found out I couldn’t serve the ball. You made a face every time, but you never made fun of me for my lack of dexterity. You were active and would be bouncing off the walls at my house if we didn’t go to the courts and play. Our moms would chat the night away because they were best friends. (Still are.) We mostly just wanted to visit with each other and play our roles of big sister and little brother. I wasn’t afraid to play terribly in front of you, even when you made fun of my music, which you secretly liked too. We were siblings. You’re picky with your meat and you’re picky with your girls. Now you’re married to the girl of your dreams and I went to your wedding about two years ago and you spun me around for one dance and I couldn’t be happier for you.

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