every noticeable part

I bit myself and so the inside of my bottom lip (that sounds really weird to say, but I’m going to roll with it) hurts and it has hurt for a couple of days now and I know it’s going to hurt for a couple more days before it gets better. (Well, as long as I don’t get enough sleep it will, and I must confess lately I haven’t been vigilant about my sleep schedule.) This tiny annoying pain makes me think of paper cuts. Both of these are minor injuries to the body, yet they demand our attention if we get them. A paper cut stings and biting myself can hurt for a couple of days due to the bump that forms. While the sting from a paper cut doesn’t last, you are constantly reminded that that part of your skin is split open and vulnerable to infection, which in turn, constantly reminds you that there’s a part of your skin that’s hurting and in the process of healing itself. Biting myself constantly reminds me every time I eat that I have a weak spot and makes it easy for me to bite the same spot again. It’s truly incredible that while our bodies are huge compared to these tiny injuries, when one thing is off in our body, we can feel it at a strength of the full May 4th force like it’s a crying baby. Just one little thing like a paper cut and it can throw everything off for a bit. Just one little thing like biting myself and it can throw everything off for a bit. This makes me think of groups and how one missing person in a group affects the function of the whole group. If one color is missing from the Power Rangers, how would they function? What about if one member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was missing? How about if one of the Avengers was missing? (Sorry, too soon? :/) And even closer to home, how about if someone in your friend group moves away or is gone? It’s not the same without any of the missing people. For this reason, I try to remind myself whenever I feel like eating junk food or staying up way too late, to treat my body parts like each part is a close friend. They all have to work together to make my whole body function properly.

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