Deep Thoughts #5 at Pilgrim Coffee

Saturday, June 2, 2018 – This was not the fifth one I had been to. I think this was my second one. I liked the name of the coffee shop, Pilgrim Coffee, and it was surprisingly easy for me to find, but I didn’t like the design of the name of the coffee shop. It looked too generic. I’m bothered by the little things as well as the big things. I remember liking my pastry and latte, but I couldn’t tell you what specifically I liked about it. I would say it tasted too generic as well, but I feel like most coffee places are like that. Our host provided a sheet with three topic points to cover. One was on FOMO vs. JOMO, another one on if discomfort has to come with personal growth, and a third one on how to describe home. I liked all of them because I can relate to all of them one way or another. But the thing is, what I remember the most from this get-together was not our answers to these questions. It was when we talked about our lives. It’s not that these topics weren’t interesting to talk about. They were, but they were even more interesting to discuss once we made our answers personal and then some. I think that’s with a lot of things in life. It’s just hard to be interested in something that we have no personal perspective on. Time moves so much slower when you’re trying to pay attention to someone speaking about something in a monotone or in such a way that expresses they are not passionate about the topic they are talking about. That’s why when you’re watching your favorite TV show or movie, you get to the end and you’re always like “that’s it?” 2.5 hours may have passed, but it feels like it was only 0.0167 hour. Guys, I’ve just explained the existence of movie marathons and binge watching. On that note, I’d like to say this: I enjoy these kinds of Nerdy 30s Ladies get-togethers because I get to learn more about other people’s perspectives on life as well as learn more about my likes and dislikes with regards to my environment. El fin.

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