past, present & future

I haven’t cut my nails in a while, but I will cut them soon. I’m not the long-nails type of girl and I can’t function with long nails. Long nails are best displayed on girls who work the cash register, not the back-office girls. That’s that. Case closed.

I like drinking water because I used to drink Sprite all the time until my mother told me it wasn’t “good for you” and I quit cold turkey. Water didn’t have the flavor of Sprite, but once I got used to drinking it all the time, it’s now my favorite thing to drink. BUT, I do notice that if I have pizza or Mexican food, I crave a little of that soda that I quit. So I go for some sweet tea sometimes.

I dip my nose into the smell of rosin as I ready my instrument for a socially-distanced recording session. There is nothing like the smell of being that close to the bridge of my violin. It’s the scent of things in the making. It’s the scent of hope waiting to blossom.

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