a piece of the puzzle

Never Been Done. Cheese or fish? Disgusting diction! But wait, what does that mean anyway? Unlike Samantha Jones (and I’m sure Alex Dupre too), who knows all and has seen it all, Never Been Done doesn’t really know. Doesn’t really because at least she’s well-read, but books don’t trump personal experience. Siddhartha knows a little something about that. Yellow skin in the restaurant, in the science lab, in the Teach For America, but not in the NFL, MLB, or NBA so Ronny Chieng jokes. That’s funny, eh? But really there is no such thing as race. It is something we made up as people. So perhaps where we see certain skin colors doesn’t really matter as much as getting to know each person individually. The moon man. Britney Spears has sung something about that guy. There’s also a Reese Witherspoon movie about that. Does he give first kisses? Hearts are red, but red also represents angry. Tough like a male robin. In the end, love is all that matters.

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