these rain things

I have never danced in the rain. I have never kissed anyone in the rain. I have always thought I’m capable of these things though, that I’m the kind of girl that could do these things. I couldn’t even tell you why except for the one day I woke up and decided whatever I was going to be, I was going to be different from everybody else. That’s it. But now there’s TV shows and movies that feature people doing these exact rain things so even if I do these things now it won’t mean anything. Is the purpose we feel alive when we do something we know has absolutely never been done before? With so many people in the world though, how do you know if you are doing something no one has ever done before? Who would be the person you could tell you did that very thing? And even if you found that person, could you trust them? Gossip grows like an untamed wildfire and there’s nothing worse than ruining your reputation. No amount of hard work can undo something like that. I guess these rain things can normally be seen as romantic, like the kind of romantic you find in relationships, not the languages kind. (I hate it when a guy I’m talking to and just talking to, thinks I mean the relationship kind and not the languages kind.) But what about dancing in the rain out of pure joy? What about kissing in the rain just because the moment calls for it? I’m going to venture to say these rain things are more acts of happiness rather than romance. They look like good ideas in TV shows and movies, but practically speaking, there’s a part of me that imagines the flip side—one where I would catch a cold or something from doing these things. Plus TV and movies only show the up side of things, not the everyday dull moments or the bad side of things. We need to be embracing when it comes to the everyday things we do, making them just as exciting as moments that qualify for dancing in the rain.

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