Everything needs my attention RIGHT NOW and I can’t ignore anything or else it’ll pile up like horse manure. The old tricks don’t work. Do what is due first first. Start the minimum, then take a break. Watch a video, read for pleasure, take a walk, or play a computer game. Then come back and do the next part. You’ll have a momentum going and then before you know it the task is done. I can’t use any of those tricks. I’m sure there are more. Stand on your head and recite everything you studied in the last ten minutes. I don’t know. I’m pulling stuff up from my butt now. They sound good, they really do, until you try to implement one of them tricks and procrastination takes over like a conflagration. Bah, humbug!

But things need to get done one way or another so sometimes you sacrifice quality with time and do it all in a hurry. Then Boom! It all comes crashing down and you feel like you have to start over so might as well have done things slowly and methodically from beginning to end and completed the task right the first time.

That is time you can’t get back and it makes me think of Bill Nye on the day after school I turned on the TV and he was on and he talked about one second and how it goes away and is gone FOREVER. So what can you do when this happens? Plan better for the next time and then successfully execute the plan.

That’s it?! But that’s so boring! I know. How do you think I ended up writing this blog post?


Kimchi on a pizza at Pizza Tree

This is kimchi (or as Bill Nye would say, a picture of kimchi):


This is kimchi on a slice of pizza:


What?! I know. I can’t even. This is called Banh Mi and you can get it at Pizza Tree. Bánh mì means “all kinds of bread” in Vietnamese. Kimchi is Korean. And the Banh Mi pizza at Pizza Tree in downtown Columbia, MO is not just topped with kimchi. There’s olive oil, pizza cheese, sriracha-glazed pork belly, house-made kimchi, chile aioli and fresh cilantro. Take a look:


I’m not sure if you can read that menu really well from the picture I took, but I thought it looked cool, much like the pictures on the wall where my friends and I were eating (my favorite is the one that says “in pizza we trust,” it should be the one on top):


You can get pizza by the slice or a whole one and I’m sure there are other things to get. I am excited to go back and try all the different kinds of pizza! The Banh Mi pizza is perfect for people who love spicy foods. If you’ve never tried sriracha sauce, you’ve got to try it on this pizza. It’s a kind of chili sauce and just the right amount of hotness. 😉 I want to thank my friend, Leslie, for introducing me to this place. Yum, yum!

The table next to us ordered a whole Banh Mi pizza and I’ve got to say, this may be the most beautiful pizza I have ever seen so far in my life. There is no doubt that I will be going back. I commend Pizza Tree for being so creative.