yes they do care

They meet at Starbucks, one 18, the other about ten years her senior, Kim couldn’t tell. They greet each other and start conversing and then the 18-year-old girl is breakdancing.

Must have told her she was lucky to be 18, Kim thought. That she had her whole future ahead of her and no one cared if she made mistakes.


In the middle of the breakdancing, Kim slips away.   


I get it.

I may be getting older, but I still see the appeal of a dance party (yes, this includes clubs). It’s that feeling of freedom, especially if you’re in college and out clubbing with friends. You’re letting go by dancing like a crazy person and letting this craziness go on for as long as you feel like it. But generally, by the next morning is a good time for the party to end. Any longer than that and the party has no effect on you, on what it was supposed to accomplish for you.
A dance party is supposed to make you feel so good about yourself that you let go and forget all about every single problem that may be irking you at the moment in your life. (I don’t know where I’m going with this.) And I mean, you completely forget. It’s like problems don’t exist and you’re just having a good time in good company. Chasing a temporary high.
As we age, our bodies may not be able to function in the same way once as when we were young, but that doesn’t mean we stop chasing after that temporary high. We need it, we crave it like a robin craves a big, fat succulent worm. That’s never going to change.
There’s nothing wrong with partying or clubbing. If you need it, you need it. But it’s important to be responsible while doing so and know your limits like a calculus problem. And if partying is not your thing, find a different temporary high. Just don’t chase after it.