Sakura Sushi Train

I’m not going to do this on every post like this, but for this first one like this I want to set the stage. I feel like this wasn’t just about getting sushi with two girls I had never met before. We didn’t do a lot as far as actions go in this event, but I enjoy new experiences and this is me documenting them, even if it’s just three girls who have never met before getting sushi.

I don’t remember the names of the sushi I tried, unfortunately. As they passed by me on the train I didn’t think to write them down like a real journalist would or anything. Before this past Memorial Day weekend, the only other time I had tried sushi via conveyor belt was in Cancún. Even that kind wasn’t the real deal because the sushi was packaged already if I remember correctly. It wasn’t bad or anything, but it was nothing compared to this sushi. Nothing because I can’t even remember how it tasted. Don’t get me wrong. Cancún is still an awesome place to visit, sushi aside. It’s not really known for the Japanese food. But you knew that already.

A sushi train is the kind of thing I can imagine seeing in New York. I bet they have that there. But I haven’t been to New York enough times to know for sure. New York does have excellent Taiwanese beef noodle soup though. I’ll give the Big Apple that. Enough about that though, this post is about sushi. It’s so exciting to see your food being transported to you like it’s a person travelling on a mission to reach your stomach. The train at Sakura Sushi Train Restaurant in Shawnee, KS off of Nieman is an Amtrak and very cute, reminding me of those Christmas toy trains, even though the train looks nothing like those trains.

The key to why the sushi tasted so good is the freshness. I mean, I kind of always knew sushi made and consumed right away tastes better than sushi that’s been sitting for a while, but I didn’t KNOW until I had this sushi. I’m sure the quality of the ingredients has a lot to do it with it too. People can spew a ton of facts at me, but until I experience it myself or see it firsthand, I can’t really grasp something as real.

I also think the excitement of meeting new people enhanced the whole experience. I made two new girl friends that day. One’s from the area and one’s from the East Coast like me. I love how barely five minutes in and we started talking about meeting guys and dating. I guess discussing relationships is a universal interest among women. It made for a good laugh. I remember talking about Orlando and Philly and how much the girl from the area loves sushi. Listening to these girls talk about who they are and what they like to do made me feel how normal it is to flow into a conversation with someone new. Once you start talking, everything else falls into place. Let’s just say I haven’t had good sushi in a while.


Waldo Pizza


Waldo Pizza

That, my friends, is pizza unique to Kansas City. These two slices of Waldo Pizza made a cameo appearance during my Django adventure. Waldo Pizza is especially good if you are a vegetarian because they have several options for more of a veggie pizza. The slice on the left is one of their spinach options and as someone who eats like an omnivore, the slice on the right is a meat option I got. I think there were bacon pieces on this one too.

Let me tell you both slices were yummy and this was my first time trying Waldo Pizza and I’m pretty sure it is not a chain restaurant. I have never seen or heard of it before moving to KC. I am definitely going back some time. I want to try the other toppings they have. They seem to have something for everyone.


who thought this would be a good idea?!

impromptu rant time! >.< I don’t know about other places, but Kansas City has done this to me twice now–calling two roads the exact same name. Tonight I was driving down the wrong street only to find out the street I was supposed to be on has the exact same name as the wrong street I was on. O.o Are you serious Kansas City?! I ended up having to pull out my GPS to go home because it was dark, this was the first time I have ever attempted this route, thus making it impossible to read the signs. I ended up not going to where I was going to go and headed home. Gahhhh! The last time this happened, I was driving to a ceremony honoring my dad for his work. I dressed up for this. I drove from Columbia for this. I left on time for this. BUT I got there late because Kansas City decides to have one street go straight and turn left AT THE SAME TIME. this was a WEDNESDAY TUESDAY FRIDAY moment. this was a scarecrow go thataway pointing in two opposite directions moment. Now the hosts are going to think I flaked and I’ll never find out what happened on that first day of health class. I made a great first impression by not making one. !!! now all I wanna know is WHO NAMED THESE STREETS? who thought it would be a great idea to name two streets the exact same name? seriously this helps no one. no one i tell you!!! now i’m going to go make faces at mapquest.


I thought you should know…

The color blue makes me think of “sapphire sky” from “The Lion King.” (For the record, I don’t like doing the title dance—figuring out if a title needs to be in quotations or not is not my forte. And since doing said dance sucks up more time than I care to measure, maybe in the future I will not give two cents or a rat’s arse about rules because this is my blog and I am free to do whatever I want here.) I just thought you should know, whoever you are.

My nose is cold right now, but I’m not a dog. (Obviously.)

There’s a spot at work I like to go sometimes on my breaks just to catch some sun rays because it’s inside and that means I don’t have to take a walk outside around the building. I feel warm and like I’m at a gas station for people, filling up on vitamin D. (Well, I guess technically my skin produces vitamin D after sunlight exposure, but yeah.)

Back when I was living in Columbia I had my Xanga and I did pizza taste test blog posts comparing different pizzas from different restaurants around town and chain places as well. All this talk of pizza lately makes me want to do a 2.0 version for Kansas City.