La Bodega

My parents and I ended up eating at La Bodega today. We went for our Linner or Lupper or Dunch or Dupper, whatever you want to call it. 😛 We wanted to try something new. It turned out to be a refreshingly friendly experience from beginning to end. The staff was attentive and nice and our waitress explained everything and found answers to anything she wasn’t sure of on the top of her head. One of our servers was in quite the chipper mood, singing and humming and gentlemanly.

La Bodega :: Tapas & Lounge is a Spanish restaurant and at first glance at the menu they serve soups, salads, entrees and most importantly, tapas. Tapas was a new experience for us. They’re like little appetizers you can share with your whole table and everyone gets a little taste of Spain here and there, best paired with something like red wine and a side of good conversation and laughter. We tried a total of five tapas, but I only have pictures of four because I am not a fan of mushrooms, though my parents are and they enjoyed the one with a plate of mushrooms.

Tapas 1
Jamón Ibérico

This is a cold one. It’s basically ham, cheese and bread. But it’s not just any ham! The black Iberian pig roams out in the wild to feed naturally, so it’s basically the best ham on the planet. This was the first thing I tasted and right off the bat I noticed the food wasn’t extremely high in sodium which just boosted its rating in my mind. Yum, yum! Since our taste is duller than most, I usually expect eating out to be a high-in-sodium experience, but it is simply not so at La Bodega.

Tapas 2
La Pelota Estofadas

I wanted the meatball in red wine sauce. Also delish, this was a hot tapas. May I just say everything is so artistically displayed? We noticed at this point, even though the dish is supposed to have four of everything, ours came with three since there were only three of us, but they charged us about half the price later so that was super reasonable and awesome!

Tapas 3
Pincho de Pollo y Chorizo

Now I’m not 100% sure on this one, but I know there was chicken on the skewer. The other meat tasted like a kind of sausage. Also incredibly yummy.

Tapas 4
Vieras con Jamón Serrano

This last featured tapas was my favorite. It was like a mini-salad. I loved the sauce. We didn’t have any bread, but later when my dad’s entree arrived, I stole a couple pieces of bread off his plate so I could dip it in the sauce. I ate the veggies and little cherry tomato and dipped those in the sauce. And those were scallops in the center of the sauce you see there. At this point my mom and I were already filling up. I’m sure if you wanted to just order a soup, salad and one tapas, you’d be good to go. But of course, the fun didn’t end there.

Entree 1
Zarzuelo de Mariscos

There was rice surrounded by seafood. Spanish people are big on that. It loooked like a derivative of the paella. I defintely stole bites off my dad’s plate.

Entree 2
Paella Valenciana

This is one of the most popular paellas and rightfully so. Rice, shrimp, more chorizo (sausage), mussels, clams, the works. Mmm. My mom and I shared this one and we all had leftovers to box up at the end, no room for dessert!

Next time we go back, we will have to try dessert. 🙂