Grinders and The Escape Artist KC

I still haven’t tried out all the pizza places around the KC area, but Grinders is already at the top of my list of go-to places for pizza. I will be doing a separate post on that to go with all my other pizza posts, but it was part of the The Escape Artist KC adventure. Before I went with my Nerdy 30s girls to check out a breakout room, I had heard of breakout rooms at work (where I used to work, not my current work) and it sounded like a fun thing to try with a team or a group of friends. So when I saw this breakout room as a Nerdy 30s event, I knew I had to try it out.

For those of you who are wondering, Nerdy 30s is a group of girls I met on who are all around their 30s and want to do activities that are more nerdy and less partying. I’ve talked about two other events on here, one was a sushi thing and another was the bellydancing thing. Nerdy 30s has helped me explore Kansas City in a fun way without feeling like I have to do all the typical “young people stuff” to meet new people.

The Escape Artist KC was the first breakout room I tried. I hope I will get a chance to try some other ones. We shall see. Us Nerdy 30s girls met at Grinders to talk and get to know each other a little bit before going into the breakout room. It was interesting listening to the girls’ stories of ones they had tried before. When we got to the one we were trying, it became apparent we were part of a mystery story and were the detectives to solve it. I loved the hunting for clues aspect and clues being locked up and using a whiteboard message to help us look for more clues. I won’t say exactly how it went because I don’t want to give anything away for the business, but it was really fun. From the last picture you will see we broke out with about 16 minutes remaining.

This is definitely a team-building event. You are locked in a room with a group of people for about an hour and can only leave if you figure out the mystery and put together all the clues.


Waldo Pizza


Waldo Pizza

That, my friends, is pizza unique to Kansas City. These two slices of Waldo Pizza made a cameo appearance during my Django adventure. Waldo Pizza is especially good if you are a vegetarian because they have several options for more of a veggie pizza. The slice on the left is one of their spinach options and as someone who eats like an omnivore, the slice on the right is a meat option I got. I think there were bacon pieces on this one too.

Let me tell you both slices were yummy and this was my first time trying Waldo Pizza and I’m pretty sure it is not a chain restaurant. I have never seen or heard of it before moving to KC. I am definitely going back some time. I want to try the other toppings they have. They seem to have something for everyone.


Bringing back pizza posts…


I used to do pizza taste test blog posts Columbia, MO version on my Xanga and lately we’ve been eating a lot of pizza at work, so I think now is as good time as ever to resurrect my pizza taste tests, this time around for Kansas City, MO. Here goes.

Yes, folks, that is Costco pizza. I got this baby Mother’s Day weekend and am seriously overdue to talk about it. It’s only $10 and this is the combo pizza, which in some places would be the same as getting a supreme pizza. Costco is easily my favorite pizza at the moment and as I get back into these posts, I will have more pizzas to compare it to. For the price and the taste, it is absolutely worth it!

Now I need to learn some new words to be able to describe the taste of pizza to you. Or figure out a way to zap it to you through the screen. That could take a while…


Kimchi on a pizza at Pizza Tree

This is kimchi (or as Bill Nye would say, a picture of kimchi):


This is kimchi on a slice of pizza:


What?! I know. I can’t even. This is called Banh Mi and you can get it at Pizza Tree. Bánh mì means “all kinds of bread” in Vietnamese. Kimchi is Korean. And the Banh Mi pizza at Pizza Tree in downtown Columbia, MO is not just topped with kimchi. There’s olive oil, pizza cheese, sriracha-glazed pork belly, house-made kimchi, chile aioli and fresh cilantro. Take a look:


I’m not sure if you can read that menu really well from the picture I took, but I thought it looked cool, much like the pictures on the wall where my friends and I were eating (my favorite is the one that says “in pizza we trust,” it should be the one on top):


You can get pizza by the slice or a whole one and I’m sure there are other things to get. I am excited to go back and try all the different kinds of pizza! The Banh Mi pizza is perfect for people who love spicy foods. If you’ve never tried sriracha sauce, you’ve got to try it on this pizza. It’s a kind of chili sauce and just the right amount of hotness. 😉 I want to thank my friend, Leslie, for introducing me to this place. Yum, yum!

The table next to us ordered a whole Banh Mi pizza and I’ve got to say, this may be the most beautiful pizza I have ever seen so far in my life. There is no doubt that I will be going back. I commend Pizza Tree for being so creative.