My thoughts on Stephen Collins

The news has been reporting that actor Stephen Collins, otherwise known as Eric Camden on 7th Heaven, admitted to molesting at least three girls. He was taped during a therapy session when he made this confession and the tape has recently been released.
Sigh. I’m guessing most people reacted with shock and disappointment. How could a man who played the role of pastor and portrayed a wholesome character on TV turn out to be this monster? It’s sad that because he is a public figure he will be getting a lot of negative attention from now on and many people’s opinions about him will be forever altered. People are going to be critical and judgmental. And I don’t blame them. But at the same time, I wonder how these people would feel if they had been filmed during their worst moments and those had been released to the public? Most private moments have never been filmed. Maybe many of them happened when no one else was around. But I’d like to think, whether we want them to be remembered or not, someone does know about each and every one of those moments. For me, it’s God. For you, it may be something or someone else.
So before we judge him, let us remember that he is a good actor and he has been doing what he loves to do for a long time, despite recent headlines. We need to hope for the best and let him deal with his character. Give him a chance because we don’t know the full story. That story is between him and God. Let God be the ultimate judge of his character. And us? Spread love, not hate.

Here’s me talking about it if you want to see: