Sometimes it’s hard to get started.

Moisturized skin is like a brand new start. A clean slate. Vanilla ice cream. The girl who screamed the loudest in my face went to law school. I ended up in accounting. What does that say about me? It’s like rain during your drive home, but it turns into sunshine as soon as you get home. Where did it all go? It got all mixed up in a fatberg. In stray hairs on the carpet that get picked up over and over again. Some were pulled out and others fell out of the sky into a Vanessa Carlton song. Stay the course. If you don’t, you veer somewhere off course into the wrong hole. Then if it turns out to be a black hole, you’re screwed. You may never come out, or if you do come out, you come out inscrutable to the rest of the world. So much for brand new starts…



I used to tell people that I have ten years of experience in playing the violin. Now I feel like if anyone asks, I have to tell them none. Not because those ten years never happened—they did. But because it just feels like a lie since I haven’t really played for the past eight years. Eight years feels like an eternity when you’re speaking in playing an instrument terms. Eternity is an awfully long time—just ask Peter Pan.

It makes me scream inside that I’ve neglected to play for that long. But the truth is, I never wanted to make musician my career and I’m not. And because of this, I haven’t played in so long. It’s just been sitting there in its box, bending to the temperature changes and trying not to rot. I bet it sighs all day long while I’m away.

Actually I just remembered it’s not an It. Her name’s Vanessa, after the Carlton. Now that would be what the violin would be good for—an artist just like Vanessa Carlton. The girl is classically trained (at least I think so) and she writes her own songs, plays piano, sings and dances ballet. That is talent. I miss talent like that on the radio. 😦