tears form behind my eyes

What will it take for all people to get along? Is that even possible? Or are we all so self-centered and needy we are totally incapable of truly getting along with one another? I feel like we live in a society where it’s the norm to not even know your neighbor’s name. How did this happen? I feel like that part in “The Break-Up” when Brooke is crying and asking Gary, “how did we get here?” No lie – that’s how intensely I treat this problem. Well, maybe treat isn’t the right word here because I feel like I haven’t done anything yet. More like think about, if you will. It sounds silly, I know, but the fact that the world is so messed up breaks my heart. I know it’s to be expected, but I can’t get over it, even when I seem to be numb towards it. Numb because I know it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Numb because I’ve always believed there’s no such thing as world peace. But even if world peace is truly impossible, there has to be a solution.

There’s that famous quote everyone’s heard of, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” I never remember correctly who said what, but I don’t think that really matters in this case. I think action in this case matters. Actual action. Not the spoken kind. Not the kind where you say you’re going to make plans to hang out and then nothing. Not the kind where you complain about every little thing wrong with the world and then offer no solutions. You can discuss anything to death, but in the end, something’s gotta be done. The question is, who is going to be first? I know, I know. It’s not that simple. Where do we begin? Well…

If every single person in the world focused on one thing they are truly passionate about improving in the world…Walt Disney couldn’t even imagine a world like this.



All kinds of people can enjoy the same music as long as it doesn’t have words. I’m thinking of classical music, but I’m sure there are others. You don’t have to speak the same language as anyone else to appreciate the same music without words. This kind of music communicates whatever it is you are feeling and thinking all without using any words. Let that sink in for a minute.

So why can’t all kinds of different people get along like they are the same kind of people? What would happen if everyone thought the same way and had the same lifestyle? The first thing I think of is how boring the world would be, but then again, maybe it wouldn’t be like that. Maybe there would be less fights and wars. At the very least, there would be more understanding, even when there are disagreements. People would understand where the other person is coming from because they’ve had the same problem before or know how exactly they feel. There would be more compassion and empathy in the world. Some people are already like this and that’s great, but everyone needs to be like this. For the world to work. For the world to be at peace. We desperately need change.