Brain Fog

I don’t know when I started listening to K-pop, but I’m pretty sure I found it on someone’s Xanga once upon a time. So it’s been a while, but I do know that I listen to it as a way to have some pop music playing in the background that won’t distract me since I don’t know Korean. Well, I don’t know Korean except for the few words I learned from watching “My Sassy Girl.” Which words? Let’s just say I was asked once why I am threatening the death of Korean squirrels. XD

I listen to K-pop off and on, but lately I am on again and this time it’s Hyuna. I am liking her newer stuff more than her older stuff, but her music videos, especially her older ones, are still too provocative for my taste. So I try and pay more attention to the translated lyrics and the music. Amazingly the lyrics are different from what I expected and I know a lot of Asian pop tends to sprinkle in some English words here and there without really knowing the definitions of those words, but I like Hyuna’s twist on how these words are used. For example, calling a love of flowers a “flower shower.” I like that idea now and I can credit it to Hyuna. (I like the music video for this song. She looks more pretty and ladylike rather than provocative.) She also sings about not being cool, which I think is vastly different from all the songs out there saturated with tints of how cool the singer is.  

How’s this?


I thought you should know…

The color blue makes me think of “sapphire sky” from “The Lion King.” (For the record, I don’t like doing the title dance—figuring out if a title needs to be in quotations or not is not my forte. And since doing said dance sucks up more time than I care to measure, maybe in the future I will not give two cents or a rat’s arse about rules because this is my blog and I am free to do whatever I want here.) I just thought you should know, whoever you are.

My nose is cold right now, but I’m not a dog. (Obviously.)

There’s a spot at work I like to go sometimes on my breaks just to catch some sun rays because it’s inside and that means I don’t have to take a walk outside around the building. I feel warm and like I’m at a gas station for people, filling up on vitamin D. (Well, I guess technically my skin produces vitamin D after sunlight exposure, but yeah.)

Back when I was living in Columbia I had my Xanga and I did pizza taste test blog posts comparing different pizzas from different restaurants around town and chain places as well. All this talk of pizza lately makes me want to do a 2.0 version for Kansas City.